New Video: “Pray Alone” - ScottyATL ft. Killer Mike and Trouble

New Video: “Pray Alone” – ScottyATL ft. Killer Mike and Trouble

ScottyATL is seizing the crown for King of Atlanta . Fresh off the release of Scion AV Presents: OTR2SJ, Scotty is relentlessly attacking the streets with hit after hit and today another blow was thrown with the premiere of the “Pray Alone” video. The jaunty Dj Burn Oneproduced track is vibrant enough to entice your shoulders to shake and your head to bob but, the message rendered in ScottyATL and

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Jay Dot Rain is the Man on the Move this August

Jay Dot Rain is the Man on the Move this August

Jay Dot Rain Jay Dot Rain is everywhere you want to be this August.

Following the wondrous response to his CooleyFLY Chronicles II EP, Jay Dot will be traveling across the south spreading a new wave of Alabama hip hop he’s affectionately coined as “Trap Jazz” Next month he’ll be sharing a stage with fellow indie artist ScottyATL, Brown, and Casey Veggies.

If you have yet to hear CooleyFLY Chronicles II…

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Who is X Jones?

Who is X Jones?

I recently got to interview rapper X Jones, the 24-year old Queens native that has been grinding his way through the music business since he was young boy growing up in South Jamaica’s 40 Projects. A spoken word poet-turned-rapper, X Jones, born Anthony Jones, is a true lover and fan of Hip Hop first, with a passion to the genre that can be heard and felt through his music. For X, his music is…

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Summer Banger: Shanell’s Nobody’s Bitch 2

Summer Banger: Shanell’s Nobody’s Bitch 2

The self-proclaimed “Young Money Princess” Shanell aka SNL is back with a follow-up to 2012’s Nobody’s Bitch, and the mixtape is a summer banger! Shanell, known for her smooth vocals and good-girl-with-bad-girl-attitude swag, has built a very loyal and sizeable following over the years. Although she is label mates with some of the biggest powerhouses of Hip Hop (Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj)…

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Zuper Vivified How Young Love Feels

Zuper Vivified How Young Love Feels

You know those DJ’s who mix as if the track literally told them “scratch here, slow this down, wait, wait, now run it back to here” Those are the times that your bones are so intertwined in the rhythm that the crack of the bass feels as if it were creeping up your spine even your heart is racing on tempo. Zuper is one of those rare musical linguist.

“In Love With You” begins soft and timid as…

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TheCoolisMac Introduces “BIMS” in Latest Single

TheCoolisMac Introduces “BIMS” in Latest Single

As far as I’m concerned TheCoolisMac on a Nick Miles beat is a guaranteed hit. The pianos in the intro under the pimp slick bars of TheCoolisMac set the tone for a resilient ode to Atlanta and the homies he mobs with, hence the A-1 ad-libs from fellow “1317 Goodfella” Quentin Miller. So who or what exactly is “Bims”? From what I’ve gathered Bims is a corner store named after the owner whose name…

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One Time for Twitter : Brown - 7:22 EP

One Time for Twitter : Brown – 7:22 EP

A few weeks before the relaunch I reached out to my twitter followers requesting Soundcloud links and the response was a tsunami of druggy raps, southernplayalistic flows, braggadocios rants about who runs New York, Ohio, and the West Indies, because yes, RadicalBEings is international! However, it was an MC out of Nashville, Tennessee that kept me coming back for more.…

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"When a thing disturbs the peace of your heart, give it up."

Prophet Muhammad  (via hadeiadel)

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Spotlight on Maine The Saint

Spotlight on Maine The Saint


If it’s ever again said that Hip-Hop is dead, Philadelphia bred rapper Maine The Saint is proof that Hip-Hop is indeed alive and thriving. His first EP, Sons of Color, released back in February, is a passionate, raw, thought-provoking project that focuses on some of his experiences and those of his peers as young black men not only in the city, but throughout America as well. Not only is Maine…

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Nicki Minaj speaking up about the backlash she received for her “Anaconda” cover. There will forever be a difference in how black bodies are viewed even when being marketed the same way. When black women show their bodies they are hoochies and hoes. But when white women show their bodies in a similar or even more revealing manner it is ART or fine. It can be sold in stores, seen in households without a second glance. I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with women showing skin but pointing out there’s no difference between the two. Intersectionality is real. Hard out here for black women. Feminist movement never claimed us.

Feminist movement never claimed us

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